We're constantly innovating in the field of fabric care. Unfortunately, a few counterfeiters have taken notice, trying to fool consumers with sub-par copies. 

We take immense pride in the quality, craftsmanship, and performance of our products. Counterfeiters do not. Only by purchasing from a Gleener authorized retailer can you be sure that you are getting a genuine, quality product.

Counterfeit Gleener® Ultimate Fuzz Remover™ have many issues:

  • Mold and other aesthetic imperfections
  • The use of inferior and potentially harmful materials
  • Broken or missing Edges
  • Edges that do not attach to the Fuzz Remover handle
  • Handles that fall apart
  • Broken Lint Brush rings
  • They may cause damage to the textiles on which they are being used

Counterfeiting is a serious offence and the costs to consumers, retailers and original brand manufacturers is high. We take counterfeiting very seriously. In order to protect our customers and our business, we pursue patent, copyright and trademark infringers to the full extent of the law. For further patent, copyright, and trademark information please read the "Legal Statements" section of our Privacy & Legal Statements.

You can read our full Intellectual Property Policy here.


Is it counterfeit?

If you are unsure about the authenticity of one of our products, please contact our Intellectual Property Coordinator at edoucette@gleener.com for assistance.