3 Ways Dryer Dots Make Laundry Day a Breeze

We may love fabric care, but we aren’t super-heroes – laundry day isn’t our favourite activity. There are ways to make doing laundry more of a breeze and feel less like a chore.


One of those ways is thanks to Gleener Dryer Dots. Haven’t tried them out yet? You definitely should take them for a spin – and here are 3 reasons why.



‘Carbon footprint’ is no longer a just buzzword, it’s a reality. Dryer Dots do a lot to help you manage those footprints. Too good to be true? Not quite!


Dryer Dots last up to 1,000 dryer cycles, which means you’ll eliminate used dryer sheets from the trash (not to mention all of those boxes in the recycling) for at least 2 years!


Because of the increased air circulation in the dryer that the Dots create by bouncing around within your laundry, you’ll also spend less time waiting for the buzzer to ring. That means you can keep your socks on rather than having them knocked off ( ugh, more laundry) by sky-high energy bills. 😎


No more harmful chemicals

We all once thought that dryer sheets were the answer to static elimination and softness, but it turns out that these seemingly harmless sheets are worse for your clothing than you may think.


Dryer sheets don’t actually make your fabrics softer. They create a coating on the fibres that make your sheets seem softer and static free. This coating actually sucks for your fabrics, your skin, and your dryer itself*. A lot of people are actually allergic to the ingredients in this coating – it can cause dermatitis of all kinds.


Gleener Dryer Dots are chemical-free so you’ll get all of the soft and none of the ick that comes with conventional dryer products.


The fluffiest of towels

Some tumbles are painful, but the tumbling action of Dryer Dots are anything but.


As Dryer Dots tumble around within your laundry, they pump up the volume for the fluffiest of towels and sheets (and the rest of your laundry) without damaging the integrity of your fabrics. Who doesn’t love wrapping themselves in a warm, fluffy towel or jumping into a warm cocoon of fresh sheets? 🤗


Pro Tip: a good laundry day habit to start is to clean your dryer’s lint trap and screen after every load of laundry! The accumulation of lint on the screen can cause a fire and also affects the performance of your dryer. Regular cleaning of the actual screen in warm, soapy water may be another task to add to laundry day, but it will make sure your dryer runs as good as new.


*Want to learn more about this? We love this article by The Spruce (https://www.thespruce.com/are-dryer-sheets-bad-for-my-dryer-2145844)

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