It's That Time of Year: Fall Wardrobe Changeover

Now that it’s finally autumn and Canada has just celebrated our Thanksgiving, I think that it’s time for us to announce that it’s officially sweater season.

With the change in temperatures come a change in our outfits. Is your wardrobe ready? I mean, who doesn’t love being wrapped in a big n’ bulky knit? Long live sweater weather!


Fall items

Now, if you were a good gleener (that’s a noun, btw, I just made it official), all of your fall favourites are ready to slip into and cozy up with - PSL not required.

If you’re guilty of not having pre-gleened your fall pieces…

Have no fear - neither have I. As I’m writing this I can see all of the pills that I’ve neglected on my sleeves. Even a resident gleener can’t be perfect! You can typically tackle fall and winter weight garments with Edge 1 - it’s the most heavy duty and is great for heavy woollens and acrylic blends.


Summer items

We definitely believe that gleening before storing is the best practice. We live by these 3 simple steps: clean, gleen, and store. It makes life easier when the temps start to climb. Summer knits and cottons require some tender loving care as they tend to be finer fabrics, so bust out your Gleener or Gleener On the Go and let’s get gleening.


1. Clean

This step is essential, especially if you recently wore that the blistering heat. Treat any stains so they don’t get the chance to set into the fibres. Follow up with the lint brush if you have fur babies - this isn’t mandatory, but your future self will thank you for the courtesy. 😉


2. Gleen

Fabric type always designates what edge to use. Not sure which one is best? Start with Edge 3, the most delicate Edge, and work your way up if it’s not getting gleening the job done (see what I did there?).


Edge 3 - great for:
  • Silk blend camisoles
  • Cotton blend t-shirts
  • Linen blend shorts, shirts, and skirts

 Edge 2 - great for: 

  • Cotton-polyester cardigans
  • Pure cotton t-shirts and long sleeves
  • Most shawls and summer-weight wraps


    3. Fold and Store

    Clear, plastic bins are ideal for storing summer-weight clothing. The plastic will keep out pests and you’ll be able to see what’s inside the bin. Folding all of your garments helps save space in your storage bin and also cut down on wrinkles - who wants to pull out a too-wrinkly-to-wear t-shirt on the first hot day of 2018?


    Pro tip: cedar blocks are a classic choice when storing fabrics, but we really love sachets of lavender - it’s like skipping through a purple field of relaxation as you’re tearing through your storage bin looking for a sundress for the first summer night out.

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